Kowalsky's Fury 2 - Action platformer with a great soundtrack entered into the ABBUC Software Contest 2021

For those of you wanting some Atari 8bit news, we've recently been told via Saberman, that one of the games entered into the ABBUC Software Contest 2021 was a rather interesting Action Platformer called 'Kowalsky's Fury 2'; This game according to the video uploader, is a platform game consisting of 4 levels in 2 different worlds. The player must be cautious with enemy bullets, the method of destroying such objects is to move a little and then duck for a moment.

Although I haven't played the game myself, from the look of the video above or linked (here) you must traverse through many different worlds while blasting dangerous enemies such as enemy units, and weaponry defenses. While the game does have interesting level design using certain objects or ducking to avoid enemy bullets, the game does feature a fabulous pokey soundtrack which plays throughout, as one person puts it "The pokey music its supreme !!"

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