Tales Of Monsterland - BitmapSoft presents an awesome looking Gameboy game by Joel Jarman

Don't get me wrong I do love a new game for a retro system such as the Amiga or C64, but when it comes to my chunky handheld the Gameboy, it's really feeling a little left out. Sure we've had Gameboy inspired games announced, but actual fresh cartridges is something of a rarity, at least until now! Welcome to 'Tales Of Monsterland' by JJ Games, a new action platformer for the Gameboy which will be accepting pre orders through our good friends BitmapSoft at 9am uk time this Saturday 11th!

Welcome to a new Gameboy game from JJ Games; a game set in a mysterious land with a village besieged by monsters, a mysterious tower, and a broken rope bridge. You must traverse through strange landscapes, while battling evil creatures with your own special powers and abilities to transform into 4 different creatures. Certainly a game that sounds seriously cool, and more so if you purchase the limited dark edition that comes in a glossy box, with gold inscription and a collection of extras.. There's only 50 available!

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