Köszönöm - A PETSCII Donald Duck's Playground C64 mash up!

Well this took us completely by surprise and it's not a particular style that we've come across very often, although it did appear in Antonio Savona and team's awesome C64 game of Monstro Giganto. As we've recently been informed via Saberman, that if you head on over to the CSDb site, you can download the latest PETSCII game of 'Köszönöm'; A humorous game that is regarded as a smash up of Donald Duck's Playground and Monstro Gigantro.

Video Link for Mobile Users

Yes indeed welcome to another PETSCII game! A game whereby it is your duty(?) to fill lots of crates with Watermelons, Bananas, and even Beer using the corresponding controls of the Joystick. The more crates you fill and the higher the score! Although the game wont keep you hooked, it's still enjoyable to play and does make you smile listening to that jolly soundtrack.

Links :1) Source 2) Download 

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