Lionheart - One of the finest Amiga platformers gets a BIG PC(Java) Remake update!

Here is one of the finest games ever released on an Amiga, a game that doesn't just have great reviews but is still being sold for a very high price on Ebay. It's Lionheart by Thalion Software, the same developers behind the incredible RPG Ambermoon. Lionheart is a 1993 platformer and features some of the best graphics and gameplay ever seen on an Amiga; a highly regarded platformer on a retro system, that is not only available as a full PC (Java) remake, but has since had a big update!

As we said before : The details and game play are of very high standard which brings back those memories to the classic game released way back in 1993 by Thalion Software with art design by Henk Neiborg; a game which had your character traversing beautiful levels, jumping platforms and killing bad guys, it was so popular that it received some great reviews in several magazines. As for what is contained within the remake developed by Dj.Thunder(Byron 3D Games Studio) it is 99.9% close to the original with the finest Rasterbar effects and boss behaviors you'll just have to play to experience for yourselves.

General features

  • Uses the LionEngine
  • Win & Linux package shipped with custom small java runtime, so no need to worry about java)
  • Gamepad support added to Android.
  • Default game resolution: true fullscreen with current desktop resolution and rate
  • Multiplatform (tested on Windows, Linux, Android)
  • 2.5D scrolling with 96 parallax lines
  • Up to 256+ colors using raster bar effect
  • Water distortion effect
  • 9 distinct themes (Swamp, Spidercave, Ancient Town, Lava, Secret Cave, Airship, Dragon Fly, Tower, Norka)
  • 14 unique levels
  • Original Amiga Sonic Arranger music format
  • 4 directional movements (left-right-jump-crouch)
  • 7 distinct attacks (horizontal, vertical, turning, on ground, jumping, sliding, falling)
  • Many monsters & items per levels
  • 4 sword's levels (increasing damages)
  • 1 hidden item for alternative ending
  • 4 Big Boss
  • Level editor

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