AMSTRED - Avoid being splattered into giblets in this new Amstrad game by KrakenDev

The Amstrad CPC has certainly had its fair share of fun games released this week, especially with so many available to download via the CPCRetroDev 2021 competition that we have mentioned here on Indie Retro News. Still, if you are not content with the games just posted and wanted even more Amstrad goodness, then it might be worth your time checking out KrakenDev's latest Amstrad game of AMSTRED; A non stop Arcade survival game with some rather gory moments.

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AMSTRED is a simple arcade game, where you have to survive through rooms full of danger until you find the final exit. You control RED using the arrow keys and you can run faster by maintaining the space bar.. Beware it might seem a simple task just to walk from one side of the room to the next, while picking up a key along the way, but the game will become an ever increasing challenge as faster moving blades will chop you up if touched.

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