Get The Diamonds - A charming VIC20 puzzle game released by Derek via Reset64!

If you don't have a C64, but you do have a Vic20 with a 3K RAM expansion however, then you might like this news update, as thanks to @ResetC64 who sent us a heads up via twitter, we've been told that if you like puzzle games, then make sure to play Derek's latest game of 'Get The Diamonds'; a new 1 player game for your 3kb expanded VIC20, featuring colourful graphics, in game sound and 8 fiendish levels that has been published via Reset64 Magazine.

Guide Diamond Dylan through each cave, collecting enough diamonds so he can finally retire and afford to buy a nice cottage in the country, away from the traffic. This lovely little puzzle game from Derek not only works on a Commodore VIC20, but also TheC64/TheVIC20 or your favorite VIC20 emulator with files available through the website!

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