LumASCII - A rather unique shooter on the Speccy that's well worth checking out!

Although I'm not one for writing up about games that were released some time ago, but thanks to a heads up from Saberman, we've been told that if you want to play a rather unique ZX Spectrum that we haven't featured before, then you really should check out Bob's ASCII based Shoot 'em up of 'LumASCII' on the 48K ZX Spectrum; A very enjoyable and as the developer says is a rather unique one-of-a-kind game on the Spectrum that only uses ASCII characters throughout instead of pixel-based high-res graphics!

If that wasn't enough to grab your attention, the developer said that not only was this game developed over nine months, but the colour ASCII levels and objects all had to be hand coded into the game as there was little in the way of tools to use. In fact LumASCII doesn't even seem like a Spectrum game, more a launch title from a mythical ZX82 machine which kept the character display of the ZX81 but with the added colour and sound to it. So yes it might be a very late news announcement from us, seeing as the game isn't *NEW* but considering we haven't featured it before, it's about time we did!

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