Santa's Workout - The first of many C64 games for Christmas, with Vector5games latest release!

With Christmas being less than a month away you'd expect to see lots of Christmas themed games appearing on Indie Retro News in the lead up to the 25th. Well that's certainly happening this week, as the first game to be mentioned on our site is a Christmas game by Vector5games for the C64 called 'Santa's Workout '; a brand new Commodore 64 puzzle game in which you need to help Santa to the exit using a limited amount of iced blocks.

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Santa's Workout is a fun for all the family festive game that requires you the player to help Santa to the exit by collecting sacks of gifts and building blocks of ice. Not only does the game feature 24 exciting yet challenging puzzle levels with different layouts, but there is a limited of blocks you can use that has to be replenished with sacks of gifts! Thankfully if you're stuck the game has a password system so you can reload a level or challenge a friend to beat your hi-score. So yes certainly an enjoyable game to experience before Christmas, and more so when the game will run in PAL and NTSC modes!

Links :1) Source (Thanks Per Ola and Saberman for the heads up)

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