The Goblin - An upcoming ZX Spectrum platformer with an upbeat soundtrack from Hicks

Another day and another ZX Spectrum game, as we've recently been informed via XeNoMoRPH in our inbox, that if you head on over to Hicks website, not only can you download some very enjoyable games such as MABUS MANIA, but at some point in 2022 he is going to release his new game of 'The Goblin'; A game about a Goblin that must clear areas of enemies by drinking beer and belching on them! To coincide with this news, the developer has released a new teaser trailer linked below.

Although there isn't a lot of information about the game just yet, from what we can tell going by the video above or linked (here) The Goblin is a game that features not just multiple levels with different themed areas such as underwater and gloomy caves, but it also features lovely animation, a chirpy sound track, different enemy types, and the ability to get drunk by drinking beer and yes as we said above belching on different enemies.

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