Indie Retro News - AMIGA Game of The Year Award 2021 - VOTE NOW! (Winner announced 1st Jan 2022)

With just over one month left for 2021 and something I've personally not done on Indie Retro News before, I thought it was about time I did an Indie Retro News game of the year award for the Amiga with the winner being announced at some point on Jan 1st 2022. Yes we may get some new Amiga games released in December but for the most part many of these games below will probably be the highlight for 2021. Below is just some of the games we've featured that are available in the list for YOU to vote for!

The Shadows of Sergoth was originally announced as being ported over to the Amiga by Colin Vella, Graphics and Sound by Saul Cross and publishing by Double Sided Games with full support of the original Amstrad team. What changed not longer after however, was the fact that not only was Saul Cross no longer doing the graphics working on other projects, but TenShu took over the whole graphics job for the game with the awesome new look including Mike Richmond who did the music. So yes, not only does this game look amazing, but it also features a long list of additions which you can now experience for yourselves. (LINK)

Take control of Turbo and Nitra Tomato in fast, one or two player co-op arcade action gameplay across multiple non-linear worlds packed with power ups, bonus items and increasingly dangerous crazed mutant fruit and vegetables. Survive the darkness that has spread across the garden turning fruit and vegetables into dangerous enemies. You are the hero of this story, flee your home and try to survive the evil that has spread across the land. Links :1) Digital Download 2) Boxed Edition

As Johnny Jones, you must explore the tomb of Abu Simbel and rid yourself of the Pharaoh's curse. Similar to Manic Miner, the game is a static multi screen platformer with various traps, moving enemies, keys and doors to unlock to progress. You'll be ripping your hair out in frustration at times, as a wrong move can lead you to lose not just one of your 9 lives but all of them, as you could spawn over a moving enemy which will repeatedly kill you, or above spikes which you'll fall onto over an over again.... So yes it was a very frustrating game back in the day! (LINK)

This looks to be a good Arcade homage for those of you who remember the classic from 1982. As not only does it have all the dot chomping goodness you could want in a Pac-Man Arcade game, but it also features those lovely Arcade sounds, which brings us straight back to the 80's. Do note however, according to the description, this is a (successful) attempt by jotd to create a 1:1 port of the famous arcade game on Amiga 500 using 100% 68k assembly, and while the display is 4:3 so scores, lives, bonuses are on the side rather than on top/botton. The gameplay layout is 1:1 vs the original. (LINK)

Inviyya is a fabulous Amiga Shoot 'Em Up that features not just 3 layer parallax scrolling and wicked music and sound effects, but also unique organic levels, multiple enemy types, bosses, special weapons, and all of this working on every existing Amiga with at least 512k Chip and any other form of 512kb extra RAM (chip, slow or fast), PAL or NTSC ( for NTSC ).. Although faster spec'd Amiga's are recommended for smooth play. So yes if you love Shoot em ups, and seriously can't get enough of them, you owe it to yourself to play this game now! (LINK)

Super Sprint was an incredibly enjoyable game that featured non stop racing fun as you tried to beat your opponents to the finish line while also avoiding the odd appearing Tornado. In terms of Turbo Sprint however which has all of the core gameplay kept intact, this version was built from the ground up for the fans of the original Arcade game, featuring improved sound, CD32 support, optimizations, and much much more that is sure to excite many Super Sprint and Amiga fans across the globe. (LINK)

Tinyus is not only a faithful Amiga OCS port of the Arcade Gradius/Nemesis videogame, but it was  created by Fade1/aBYSs who has done the graphics, Pink/ABYSs who has done the music and code, Bartman/aBYSs who did all the reverse engineering, and all of this requiring an OCS with 512k Chip and 512k Slowmem or better! (Amiga 1200 (barebone) is recommended for fluid 50fps gameplay) (LINK)

Just as in the original classic, this game will once again put you in the shoes of an adventurer on a quest to collect gems while also avoiding angry mummies and other such deadly monsters! The game features not only different sound effects, but there's plenty of fun to be had through many of the of the 16 full themed levels in M.A Software's King's Valley on the Amiga. For further details and development please see the link (HERE)

The game Crazy Columns is a simple colourful puzzle game for the Commodore A500. It offers fun and entertainment and is based on the classic from 1990 by SEGA. The hunt for the coveted places in the leaderboard can be contested alone or in pairs. The game features colorful game play for both the young and old, a choice of 1 to 2 players, multiple control methods keyboard or joystick, three different player modes to choose from, timeless music and crips sound effects, and all of this available as a hotly anticipated full version of v1.02 for the Amiga 500/OCS/512kb and above. (LINK)

In INCA MAN not only do you need to collect lots of diamonds to complete each of the many levels, but if you're lucky enough to avoid the nasties, you can collect extra bonuses such as stopping time or armor to help you along the way. The game features 1 player single play, 2 player either as co-op or versus, 30 levels of Arcade fun, full music and sound effects in game, and all of this requiring a stock Amiga 500  512kb+512kb. (LINK)

In Bean Versus The Animator playing as a genetic cocktail of lifeforms both half man, half baked bean and set in the far future of 2010, many years after World Word 3. You must defend the Earth and its defenseless Humans from the warmongering machines and their diabolical leader, The Animator. The game features 6 frantic levels, 6 BIG BOSS fights, 12 weapons, 2 player simultaneous action, 32 colors, 8bit sfx and music, movie style intro and outro's, Light gun or Mouse controls and finally requiring an OCS/ECS or AGA Amiga with Kickstart 2.04 and above including 1MB Chip Ram (A Stock A500+ will do it). (LINK)

And that's just a small selection of great games we've been able to play throughout 2021, but as for what game you think should win the Amiga Game of the Year Award for 2021, make sure to hit the link below and vote! - Good luck to the entries, it's going to be a tough one to call :)
  • 1) Because of the amount of games released, I've added many games that I feel are worthy of a vote. If I've missed any please reply below and I'll add them. Developers reply below if you want your game added to the vote
  • 2) Any new games released in December can be added to the poll. And the Poll can be relinked again under the new game article
  • 3) As the game list is so big, and will probably rise, I've increased the amount of games that can be voted for to 5 instead of 3. Also a spam limit has been placed in to be fair to all enteries
  • 4) You can change your poll vote at any time
POLL LINK (Only 3 Games allowed to be selected to be fair to the entries and to stop spam voting)

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