HI-SCORE - A C64 game by Misfit with an awesome soundtrack by 8-bits high

Misfit is certainly no stranger to us on Indie Retro News, creating great games such as Cheese And Onion, Super Goatron and Pilot Attack to name but a few. But now thanks to a heads up by Saberman we've been told he's also released the challenging yet enjoyable space shooter of HI-SCORE; A game which has been published by The Future Was 8 Bit in which you must rescue the universe by destroying everything that gets in the way.

Video Link for Mobile Users

Choose any of the 3 Rad pilots and help save the whole Universe. The game features a great soundtrack by 8-bits high, coding by Mika "Misfit" Keränen, multiple character choices, multiple enemy types, ship rotation, different themed levels, and a very high difficulty curve. For those of you who are interested in HI-SCORE, the game is available to buy as a digital download or a part of the TFW8b's 499 Cassette and 999 Cartridge Range!

Links :1) Source 2) Cassette

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