Tiny Dungeons - A high grade ZX Spectrum game is coming from RetroSouls

RetroSouls are certainly no strangers to many in the retro gaming scene, especially as they have released very enjoyable games such as GLUF, Old Tower, Twinlight, Alter Ego, and even Tourmaline for the ZX Spectrum. Well today after trawling through the latest Twitter updates, we have found out that the same people behind those awesome games, are now working on a high quality ZX Spectrum game called 'Tiny Dungeons'. To coincide with this news, you can view a very short graphical and music twitter teaser below.

Although we don't know much about the game just yet going by the fact it's the first teaser we've seen from RetroSouls, if it's anything like their other games it's sure to be equally enjoyable, full of enemies to defeat, items to collect, different areas to fight, and available for the ZX Spectrum with a great soundtrack. So yes as soon as we know more, we will post it right here on IRN!

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