Scramble - The eagerly awaited Arcade to Amiga conversion of Scramble gets a beta

Thanks to Saberman letting us know, we have recently been told that the eagerly awaited Arcade conversion of 'Scramble' which is in development by JOTD for the Amiga, has just been teased as the first downloadable beta of which can be downloadable below. Yes indeed a game which was also originally released way back in 1983 as Skramble developed by Darrell Etherington looks to stay true to the original but features a smooth frame rate, classic graphics, and top quality blasting 1980's action.

Video Link for Mobile Users

You play as a spaceship and must fly through tight caves and over landscapes, while being attacked by launched rockets, ufo's and other such nasties without ending up having your ship blown into smithereens. If you can avoid or destroy these hazards and not run out of fuel, you should be able to reach the end stage and destroy the enemy base. Sound like your sort of game? Good! Because as even though the game is still in a beta phase, it's still a ton of fun to play and can be enjoyed by any Scramble fan!

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