Space Dragons - This in dev PC Shoot 'em up from TeamBlackHatRobot looks super cool! (+Demo)

Other than adventure games and platformers, I've also had a great fondness for shoot 'em ups, from retro games such as R-Type and Project-X to modern inspirations such as the fabulous Super Hydorah. There isn't a Shoot 'em up that I'd turn away from just to pick up a power up and blast a few waves of enemies! So to see a high quality shoot 'em up that's in development by TeamBlackHatRobot called 'Space Dragons' which has inspirations to classics seen at the Arcades or on the Mega Drive, I just had to give it a shout out!

While early indications of the game during my short playthrough are very positive, noting great retro styled graphics, enemies to blast, a huge boss and kick ass music. The full version however will feature local multiplayer, a great arsenal of weapons throughout vast stages, accumulative improvements every time you finish a stage which help you achieve different combos, beautifully animated and hand-drawn pixel art characters and stages, various enemies with different attacks and transformations, and much much more!

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