Alien Slaphead - A charming family friendly ZX Spectrum game by John Davies, Andy Green and Pedro Pimenta!

Even more retro goodness for you all, as we've recently been informed through John Davies who released some great games such as Road Trippin, Mage Rage and Rat A Tat, that he has released the ZX Spectrum game of Alien Slaphead; a family friendly game in which you not only play as a tiny sprite called Alien Slaphead who is trying to find his spaceship to leave the planet, but must also survive on a supply of helium as he cannot breath the natural atmosphere. To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a new gameplay video which is viewable below.

Video Link for Mobile Users

Here is what the website says about the game.... "Alien Slaphead is a tiny sprite platform game for kids. You control Slaphead and must reach the helium tank, which provides helium, bonus rocket fuel on answering a KOT question correctlym and advancement to the next stage of your journey. You can also pick up items on the way which can be converted to rocket fuel too. Answering questions correctly and collecting items to boost your fuel level is vital as it directly correlates to your U.R.A Ranking at the end of the game, whether you complete it or not, and nobody wants to be known as a U.R.A Rotting Slug. So good luck in returning home in your rocket, slug face".

Credits :

  • Concept, Code and Graphics by John Davies
  • Fabulous Loading Screen by Andy Green
  • Awesome Original AY Music by Pedro Pimenta

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