RANDOMAZER - A super cool maze based puzzle game for the Atari ST/STe and Falcon by anarcholab

Another heads up and surprisingly it's another Atari news story, as thanks to both Saberman and Thomas Ilg who were kind enough to contact us this week, they have told us that anarcholab has released the updated version of their highly enjoyable yet challenging game of RANDOMAZER; A super cool maze based puzzle game for the Atari ST/STe and Falcon, in which you need to guide your marbles to the target. Avoid the obstacles and collect the goodies

Here is what the website says about this game I'm sure many of you will enjoy! "What is random in RANDOMAZER? Well… the mazes… While a level has a certain topic or task to master, the way to success is different every time you start the level. In some levels you marbles have to be guided indirectly using signposts. In other levels you control a ball directly - sometimes even against deadly enemy marbles. Get your STe blitter into gear with nicely scrolling isometric graphics by S├ębastien Larnac "STS" and brand new YM Tunes by xFalcon. There are 60 Levels for hours of marble-rolling crazyness!"

Links :1) Source Boxed Version published by Bitmapsoft https://www.bitmapsoft.co.uk/

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