Black Sea - A fabulous Amstrad and ZX Spectrum game finally arrives on the MSX!

Black Sea is getting another feature on Indie Retro News, as Saberman was kind enough to let us know through Facebook, that if you're looking for a fun for all the family Arcade game either for your Amstrad, ZX Spectrum or the latest released MSX, then you might like check out Mananuk's new game of ' Black Sea '; A new release in which you play as Submarine Captain Robinson on a quest deep into the Black Sea to search for treasures and discover all the secrets that those waters hold.

Video Link for Mobile Users

The small bathyscaphe has a very limited oxygen deposit, so you will have to go to the nearby ports to recharge the cylinders. Be careful down in the depths, as not only will you have to deal with floating mines, but there also dangerous inhabitants of the sea that will damage your Submarine and force you deep into the darkness of the Ocean floor. Black Sea features lovely MSX details, lots of different themed areas, multiple enemy types, challenging yet enjoyable gameplay, and a very upbeat soundtrack.

Links :1) Amstrad Version 2) ZX Spectrum Version 3) MSX Version

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