Flappadiddle - This Amiga game is a bit of a Flappybird, Joust mix and it's fun!

Prepare for all out fun especially if you have a Commodore Amiga at hand, as we've recently been informed via our good friend Saberman, that if you're looking for a challenging yet fun game to play through this week, then make sure to play Jayenkai's latest Amiga game of 'Flappadiddle'; A game which some are saying is a Flappy Bird Joust mix with a silly yet jovial soundtrack. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also done a gameplay video which can be viewed below.

Video Link for Mobile Users

According to the creator you must help the character Flappy to flap his way across the screen to specific platforms, while avoiding dangerous objects such as balls of flame and Spikes that you should absolutely dislike. The game was not only written for the Amiga, armed only with a stock A600 (with a 1Mb expansion!), but it was also programmed via a copy of BlitzBasic (Source included, but messy!). And that's pretty much all there is to say, so head on over to the link below and check it out.

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