Lykia - The Lost Island - A rather large C64/Plus4 Zelda-like open world adventure makes another appearance with an early tease demo!

It's been some time since we had any Zelda style games on Indie Retro News, but thankfully I've come across a game that doesn't just look like a Zelda like game with the publishers saying "disksides full of Zelda-ish passion in FLIvision", but it still looks it will be a high quality commercial release from PULS4R Production published by Psytronik Software and Protovision. Welcome to Lykia - The Lost Island, a game that is not only coming to the C64, expanded C16 and Plus/4, but it looks to be a big hitter spanning 4 disk sides full of Zelda-ish game play

As we said before, not only is Lykia - The Lost Island going to be pretty big as mentioned above spanning 4 disk sides. But it will feature incredible graphics, day and night modes, multiple areas such as woodlands, a total of 580 screens to dwell through (on two continents, ), 25 full Songs from musical genius Markus 'c0zmo' Jentsch, 40 characters to meet, a stunning cinematic intro, hours worth of gameplay, 2000 conversational lines of text, and from the look of the latest screenshots and wording, it will also feature a great story which will take you on an epic quest. 

For those of you who are waiting for this game which will be released by Psytronik Software on disk and USB, or via Protovision who will be handling the C64 cartridge. The team behind the game have also released a Lykia Prologue - Nathan's Journey as in their words "Are you eagerly anticipating the release of "Lykia: The Lost Island"? Well, you can now take a glimpse into its world. Download the mini game "Lykia Prologue – Nathan’s Journey" for free from our Lykia section and jump right in! Make sure you read the instructions file to get the hang of it."

** CREDITS ** 

  • Main Coding: Stefan Mader
  • Lead Artist: Róbert Kisnémeth
  • Story: Olaf Nowacki
  • Music and SFX: Markus Jentsch
  • Additional Graphics: Rainer Mühr & Stefan Mader
  • Additional Code: Balázs Szabó, Imre Széll, Christian Bauer (and the Frodo staff)
  • Assistance: Lena Kilkka
  • Testing: Louie Dimovski & Jason Mackenzie
  • Box Art: Trevor Storey

Links :1) Source 2) Plus4 Version

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