Ooze : The Escape - A fabulous ZX Spectrum game available via itch io!

From the same developer who brought you Monty's Honey Run and Monty Mole and the Lost Souls, Andy Johns has since announced that his previously released 2017 ZX Spectrum game of ' Ooze ', has now been made available through itch io. For those of you who don't remember this game, it is a high quality platformer that also features menu art and code by David Saphier, as well as menu music by Miguel/CPU and some in game music by Rayden/Vitali.

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In this game you play as the mighty Ooze, a slimy like substance that can stick to most surfaces to get away from deadly foes. Throughout the many levels you must avoid these fast moving enemies and collect all the keys scattered about. The game features lots of levels with different themes, multiple enemy types, the ability to change gravity to stick to floors or the ceiling, great ZX Spectrum graphics, and a stunning soundtrack that plays throughout.

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