P4: Return to Ganymede - A new Locomotive BASIC Game for the Amstrad CPC

If you have an Amstrad CPC and looking for another game to play through this week, then thanks to a heads up via XeNoMoRPH, we've been told that abalore has released a new game for the Amstrad called 'P4: Return to Ganymede'; an arcade platformer developed in Locomotive BASIC in which you need to advance through the level while avoiding enemies and mines to find the main computer and deactivate it.

Video Link for Mobile Users

Here is what XeNoMoRPH says about the game..."Today we bring you a new game for our Amstrad CPC , which is titled P4: Return to Ganymede , it is entirely developed using Locomotive Basic, programmed by Abalore Games. The argument is simple, the robots that are in the scientific base of Ganymede have revealed themselves, taking control of the station, your mission is to enter the base, find the main computer and deactivate it".

Links :1) Forum 2) Download / Mirror

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