GhoSte's Grunge - Help GhoSte find his lost music in this enjoyable ZX Spectrum game

Another retro gaming news story has hit our inbox, as looking through Twitter we have just found out that if you're looking for an enjoyable game to play on your ZX Spectrum then make sure to check out Buck's latest release of 'GhoSte's Grunge'. A game that is getting feedback such as "the sprites are cute, backgrounds varied and interesting, happy music and gameplay that manages to be challenging and rewarding without being frustrating".

Here is what the website says about GhoSte's Grunge. Help GhoSte find his lost music in order for him to find eternal rest. Make your way through 14 fabulous screens and collect all of GhoSte's music and instruments while avoiding the hazardous objects and dangerous animals in your way. With amazing music from KUVO and classic Spectrum gameplay for the 128k and no music for the 48k. Use the arrow keys to move little GhoSte around, and the space bar for passing menus.

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