H3LP B0DG3 - Reset64 is proud to present an awesome game for the VIC20!

I'm not usually one for writing articles during crazy heatwaves, but when I checked out the latest Twitter mentions, I knew my readers would be in for a treat. You see we didn't just get tagged by our good friend Reset64, but they have also released a fabulous new game for the VIC20 called 'H3LP B0DG3'. A game which isn't just enjoyable to play, but the feedback is very positive such as "Great audio, graphics and gameplay" and "Incredible for the Vic-20".

Help "B0DG3" through the 20 levels, collecting the electronic components he needs from throughout his laboratory to complete his mega project. Unfortunately, his cheeky minions have scattered the components he needs throughout the complex. They are not to keen on B0DG3 getting them back! H3LP B0DG3 is not just a 1 player game for your 35kb expanded VIC20, but it features beautiful colour multicolour graphics, 20 brain bending levels and wonderful presentation which will work on both PAL and NTSC VIC20s.

Links :1) Website 2) Twitter 

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