Galactus - A fast paced, classic arcade-style shooter for the ZX Spectrum NEXT

Dougie Do isn't the only game to grace the ZX Spectrum NEXT system as another game is worthy of a mention on Indie Retro News which looks equally enjoyable, and it's Kevman3D's new game of Galactus; An arcade game in which you must defeat the Galactus empire, battling wave after wave of relentless attack craft and alien creatures. To coincide with this news there's a new gameplay video to view before you load up the game and blast away the alien scum!

Galactus is a fast paced, classic arcade-style shooter, with a broad variety of backgrounds and aliens,  written entirely in NextBASIC (2.07k) for the ZX Spectrum Next. The game features 8 attack levels, 2 bonus scoring levels with rapid fire and a boss level, animated sprite graphics, static and scrolling backgrounds, both keyboard and joystick support, a high score table which is saved to disk, as well as game options for adding a shields feature and adjusting the amount of bullets and bombs allowed during game play.

Links :1) Website - Cheers liqmatrix for the heads up!

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