Little Nippers Deluxe - A deluxe edition of the single button game Little Nippers for the C64

It was only just the other week that we featured many games that were announced via the 2022 Reset64 4kb 'Craptastic' Game Competition. Well fast forward to today and thanks to another heads up via Saberman, we've been told that one of those games called 'Little Nippers', has just been re-released as a deluxe edition by Richard Bayliss, Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux and Martin Piper for the C64. A new version of the game that has many more included features that couldn't be included in the original 4K compo entry. To coincide with this news, some new gameplay footage has been shown below.

Welcome to the deluxe edition of the single button game Little Nippers. A game in which you not only have to have your revenge on a stampede of beach running kids that have disturbed your slumber in a row of buckets left over through night, but with every crab that is aiming to nip at their feet, you gain points depending how close they are to the sea. And that's pretty much the aim of the game, but just be careful not to miss or hang around too long, as you will lose a crab life and it's game over.

Features : 

  • Loading bitmap
  • Colourful front end presentation
  • Hi score table 
  • Nice summery tunes
  • 5 different seaside locations, based on skill level
  • Bonus incentives (Higher skill level, less crabs - more points)
  • Compatible with theC64 mini , theC64, theVIC20 (in c64 mode) full size computer
  • Compatible with both PAL and NTSC, although best played on PAL
Links :1) Website


  1. Great title screen!

  2. More anglo weirdness. They brought us the Dizzy games, where you play an egg, and now this. Some stuff, I will never get...


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