Mabool - A new puzzler for the Thomson MO5 & TO7-70 by Baptiste Bideaux

The retro gaming news just keeps on giving, as if you're looking for a new game for the Thomson MO5 and TO7-70; a system we have never featured before on Indie Retro News. Then it might be worth your time checking out Mabool. A brand new Puzzle game by  in which you must escape a dark castle by collecting stars and keys that will open the door for you to escape. To coincide with this news, we have some new screenshots for you to view and the download link available below.

Here is what the website says about the game: Mabool, a spherical adventurer, finds himself locked in a dark castle. In order to escape, he will have to leave each of the rooms of this gloomy building, picking up all the stars and keys present, which will open the exit door. But be careful, Mabool is spherical in shape, and once launched, it can only stop if it encounters an obstacle (wall, star or another object...). So be careful not to fall into the void. Each trip will have to be carefully considered... To help him, he will find on his way very useful objects.

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