The Vectornauts - A classy vector like game gets a full version for the ZX Spectrum

If you have a ZX Spectrum and looking for something to keep you occupied through the week ahead and possibly into the weekend, then thanks to Saberman who did a video of the game and sent us the heads up early this morning, we've been told that Dom Reardon's action shooter for the ZX Spectrum called 'The Vectornauts', has finally been finished and can be enjoyed by all. To coincide with this news, you can view the latest footage of the full version which can be viewed below.

While I haven't had the chance to play the game and hopeful to do so soon, from what Planet Sinclair have said about The Vectornauts, is not only does it not disappoint, but the game is very fun, captivating, and even the vector graphics doesn't take away from it's shine. On the contrary, it brings us a different challenge, creating the futuristic environment that was intended for this game. So yes certainly a game that every ZX Spectrum owner should try at least once!

Links :1) Download


  1. Great little game.

  2. Hi. Thanks for the interest in our game and thank you for the video. I must say you have it wrong though - we are not using vector graphics. everything is chars

  3. Played the demo, and it was good. And an in game soundtrack's always welcome.Nice game.

  4. Why no joystick??? :-(

  5. Very interesting game, but I think that description isn't correctly translated to English. It is not vector graphics, but vector-like standard bitmap graphics, made with AGD as I understood.

  6. Awesome game. Here is my go at the game. I believe you will enjoy, especially if you like to laugh. TJ

    1. Nice one!! We'd love a shout out in your next video! :D


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