Spekku-man - Yet another Pac-Man clone makes an appearance on the ZX Spectrum

We've featured Pac-Man so many times now on the website, I'm starting to wonder if we should call ourselves Indie Pac Man News. Well that's unlikely to happen, but if you're looking to play another Pac-Man clone on your ZX Spectrum, it might be worth checking out the latest game of 'Spekku-Man' by Grongy, Art-top, AER. Yet another Arcade dot chomping game which was recently entered into the CAFePARTY 2022 competition. In light of this news, Saberman has also done a gameplay video of the game which as ever can be viewed below.

Pac Man was already released on the ZX Spectrum way back in the early 80's, but unlike the official version sold by AtariSoft all those years ago and the more recent Pac-Hack and Ms Nampac, this version by Grongy, Art-top, AER is their own personal port of the classic Arcade game, which as you can see has all the dot chomping goodness you could want in a Pac Man styled game! So head on over to the link below and check it out.

  • CPU Z80 3.5MHz, 48Kb RAM
  • Screen 256х192, 15 colors, attributes 8x8, 2 colors per attribute
  • 1-bit sound generated by CPU

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  1. Though this is without doubt a very nice version, smooth and well coded, it would be nice to see something that goes beyond the original one-maze formula. What with the arcade rom version, along with the original Atari Ms Pacman (imho the best Pacman on a speccy) already available, maybe a Jr Pacman should be next.

    Still, this is a lovely clone. Thanks.

  2. from petsasjim1 Hi Indie Retro News. i want to inform you that i believe that this is interesting for you to review. keep going your Awesome work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1leK1PJb9o

  3. It looks really well made, but aren't people already bored with PacMan clones? There are so many better games in similar spirit that are underrated like Pepper II (ColecoVision, Arcade) that would be a new additional for other platforms that already have PacMan games? Not so long ago Amiga received Knightmare (MSX) port which is awesome and an improvement over the original. Knightmare on Speccy would be really nice too.

    1. I'm bored of PacMan clones unless it brings something new to the table :D

  4. Every time there is a new Pac-Man game for the ZX Spectrum I fear it will be (yet) another attributes grid jumping instead of smooth action. Luckily this is not the case. Although far from the quality of unbeatable Classic Muncher by Bubble Bus, this game is still good. For comparison check out this excellent Pac-Man game from 1980s - for instance its sound is much more pleasant since it is not so strictly cut down inside code execution.

  5. Check out this excellent Pac-Man game from 1980s. For instance the sound is much more pleasant since it is not so severely cut down inside the code execution.


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