Swapper - A block matching puzzle game as a nod to X-Copy teased at DECRUNCHparty

We've featured a number of great match up games on Indie Retro News, games such as The Return of Traxtor and Vegetables Deluxe to name but a few we've written about. But now thanks to a heads up by our good friend Saberman, he has told that a new game is coming to the Amiga called 'Swapper'; A game which is not only a nod to the disk copy software of X-Copy from back in the day, but it's a block colour matching puzzler shown in this new demo footage from the DECRUNCHparty.

Swapper developed by ProjectR3D, is an addictive puzzle game whereby the objective in the game is to basically to swap adjacent shaped blocks to form lines of three or more in a row, with each successful swap giving you an ever higher score. While we are not sure if the demo will be made available as a public download any time soon or if it will be turned into a full commercial release, but from the look of the footage above, it looks like a lot of fun to play on your Commodore Amiga.


  1. i need this game - keep us posted please & thank you for the news


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