Apple IIgs Karate - A port by Brutal Deluxe Software of the 1986 Atari ST game "ST Karate"

If Karate chops and high powered kicks is your idea of fun, then 'Apple IIgs Karate' published by Brutal Deluxe Software for the Apple IIgs might just be the game for you. You see this isn't just a Karate game, but from reading the comments under the video itself, this is a port of the 1986 Atari ST game "ST Karate" by Paradox/Eidersoft. In light of this news, not only can you play the game right now, but there's also a new gameplay video viewable below.

If that wasn't enough to excite our retro gaming readers, a member by the name of Apple2gs went on to say, "The background ambiance audio in the GS version is a vast improvement over the terrible music in the ST original, although the game play on the GS seems a fair bit slowed down. Not necessarily the frame rate, just the movement of characters. A very welcome addition, now we have two GS fighting games to play!". So yes if you love Karate games, and remember playing the classic game of ST Karate, then you are sure to like this one on your Apple IIgs.

Links :1) Website - Thanks Ant for the heads up!

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