Street Fighter II: Champion Edition is getting a graphical hack for the Sega Master System

I'm sure many of you remember the Street Fighter games, more especially Street Fighter 2; a game which originally appeared on the Arcades, and was then ported to pretty much every system you could think of. Well fast forward to today however and do we have some truly stonking news for you! As thanks to Xfixium who released the incredible Golden Axe Tyris Flare edition, he is now working on a Sega Master System graphical hack of that classic game "Street Fighter II: Champion Edition".

In light of this news story, here is what Xfixium says about this upcoming hack.. "NOTE: This is a work in progress. Some fighters/stages are not fully complete. My rinse and repeat gameplay of a Master System hack I'm currently working on. Again, just a graphical update (Like my Tyris Flare edition of Golden Axe), no real engine changes, besides making some projectiles lower, getting rid of the shadows that made the fighters seem like they are floating. Some other minor adjustments to animation frames. 

"The objective of this hack is to correct the empty levels, do proper scaling to all the sprites, and overall just make it look brighter than the original. The Sega Master System was, and is capable of outputting some wonderful graphics, this is me trying to capture it's full potential. The original ROM is pretty impressive for what it is doing. Unfortunately its gameplay is a bit lacking. Because of the fighter sizes, a technique is used to blend them as background tiles (For no sprite flickering). Because of this, the down side is that the fighters have to adhere to a 8 x 8 pixel grid, and makes all movement look choppy, and low frame rate".

And that's all we have on this hack so far, but keep checking Indie Retro News for further updates throughout 2023!


  1. Am I blind or do I not see a way to contact this web site owner? :( I wanted to share

  2. How about FM sound mod to go with it?

  3. Polishing a turd is kinda.. pointless.
    What that game really needs is better playability, something that is surely possible.

    1. I agree 100%. Even improving the graphics, it remains unplayable.

  4. Almost better than the Amiga version :)

  5. Aye, they must really see a potential in that port. I didn't even know that game officially came out on the SMS. 1997, eh? Very late. I mean it's doing what it can for the SMS but nah, there's so many better ports of it on other systems. This is only for the die-hard SMS fan I suppose.

  6. It's a new Master System's Street Fighter or hacking the TecToy's Street Fighter?

  7. The work on the graphics side is already simply amazing!! And yeah...seems already better than amiga version!!

  8. Xfixium is an excellent artist, can't wait to see how this turns out visually. The beauty of rom hacks is that someone can come along a fix the game play later with another hack. It might make it a more attractive proposition to attempt if the visuals have already had a much needed overhaul. Street Fighter 2 as a simplified version, only needs heavy punch and heavy kick (or be programmed to use the 6 button Genesis pad if that's possible?), so long as the frame rate and animation can be brought up to scratch, it could be doable.

  9. I don’t think a lot of people understand how difficult it is to make an 8-bit fighting game that looks and plays as well as a 16-bit fighting game. Karate Champ clones were what fighting games were like on 8-bit systems. Even late in the life of the NES there was TMNT Tournament Fighters which once again played like a Karate Champ clone.
    People always unfairly attack the original Street Fighter game without realizing how advanced it was in 1987.


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