Casio Handheld Games - Casio's CG-5X series of solar handheld games appears on the ZX Spectrum.

Another great ZX Spectrum news story for you all, as if you remember playing the 1983-84s handheld game of 'Marine Hunter', 'Dandy Cowboy' or 'Mole Hunter' on a Casio's CG-5X back in the day, then we've been informed by Saberman, that Avlixa has released the Casio Handheld Games collection for the ZX Spectrum. As in the words of the creator " This is an emulator for 3 of Casio's CG-5X series of solar handheld games from the years 1983-84: Marine Hunter CG-50, Dandy Cowboy CG-51 and Mole Hunter CG-53".

"The game generally consists of managing a character who must capture 10 animals in each level and take them to the starting point.  He will not be able to return to the starting point without having captured a prey. You will have to avoid being hit by enemies that will difficult the task and the game consists of 10 levels divided into 3 sublevels each of increasing difficulty.

  • In Marine Hunter, you manage a diver who must catch fish, avoiding sharks and other abyssal fish, take the captured fish into the submarine to be able to continue.
  • In Dandy Cowboy, you represent a cowboy who must capture veals avoiding the bulls that roam the meadow. Brand the veal at the starting point to continue your work.
  • In Mole Hunter, you play a hunter who must capture moles with his net, avoiding snakes, spiders and the coconuts thrown by the monkeys of the jungle. Take the mole to the cage to be able to capture a new one.

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