Hyperdrive - An awesome Shoot 'em up released for the Amstrad CPC/GX4000 by Juan J. Martínez

Another HOT news story has appeared in our inbox, as if you enjoyed any of Juan J. Martínez's homebrew games such as Night Knight, Magica or even Brick Rick then as of today you can play his brand new Amstrad game of 'Hyperdrive'. A super smooth top scrolling Shoot em up, in which you need to blast away enemy waves throughout all of the 5 stages to win the game. In light of this Amstrad news, Xenomorph and Saberman was kind enough to provide some footage of the game viewable below.

Here is what the website describes the game in brief. " Your ship doesn't just include one main weapon which can be upgraded by 8 times or downgraded if you lose a life, but there's also a Nova bomb which  will cause enough damage to destroy most enemies and all the bullets on screen, and finally an end of round bonus point award for enemies destroyed, how many enemies killed in a chain, and for not losing a life on that stage. Every 20,000 points you will get an extra life". So there you have it, another awesome looking game from Juan J. Martínez that we can't wait to play this weekend.

Main Points :

  • This game is powered by Arkos 2 Player by Targhan
  • Smooth one-pixel scroll at 25 frames per second, not often experienced on the Amstrad CPC.
  • Implements the power up system seen in Uchūsen Gamma (MSX, 2019; by the same author).
  • This game is also using cartridges as distribution media, as an alternative to discs and cassettes, that are either scarce or not appropriate for titles with a large amount of data. The ROMs can be burned on a Dandanator cartridge, are supported by a few hardware add-ons that load them from SD, and can also be used in most popular emulators.
  • The game has been developed by Juan J. Martínez (code, graphics and sound), with menu screen by Eric Cubizolle (TITAN), and was inspired by old and new classics like Star Force, Xenon or Neutron, and other 8-bit games by the same author such as Uchūsen Gamma (MSX, 2019).

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