Muddy Racers - A fabulous racer has appeared for the C64 by Protovision

Great news if you're looking for something fresh for your Commodore 64 other than all the Shoot 'em ups we keep featuring, as thanks to Saberman giving us the heads up via Facebook, we've been told that Protovision has released a brand new Arcade racing game called 'Muddy Racers'. A game in which playing as one of four racers each with their own personalities, must race around a track, bouncing into other opponents while hoping to win the top spot in the Leaderboard. 

Zoom through 18 different tracks across three stages filled with tight turns, long straights, off road hazards and crazy jumps! Up to four players can join the the fun! Compete for the best time in a single race, or take on the ultimate Championship mode and see who finishes on top of the leaderboard. If that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, the game also features computer racers with different racing styles, upgrades and power ups, a thumping soundtrack by Kamil 'Jammer' Wolnikowski, progress automatically saved to cartridge and finally is fully PAL & NTSC compatible.

  • Coding & graphics: Monte Boyd
  • Music & SFX: Kamil 'Jammer' Wolnikowski
  • Additional coding: MonstersGoBoom
  • Additional help: Louie Dimovski, Milo Mundt
  • Project Management: Tim Jakob Chen-Voos


  1. I bought the game, and played it for a bit. It left me underwhelmed pretty fast though. Lush graphics and amazing music do not make up for the shallow and chaotic gameplay. The AI racers are bumbling around a bit too much for my liking. and there is too little headroom for the sprites to maneuver and overtake. Recommended only when you have a 4 player adapter and have some friends coming over for a fun night of gaming. For singleplay the game offers too little for the price it asks.

    1. Fair assessment of the game

    2. I purchased the game, was waiting for it's release since it's announcement. Really good graphics and superb music. Good for the price. I would probably prefer if the cars would move a little slower with better collisions reactions... it's easy to loose a race when you bump into a car or wall due to funky bumping putting you in opposite direction. I agree that "there is too little headroom for the sprites to maneuver and overtake" ... Still a good game as you have to play and replay to master controls and races. Hopes for a better sequel as I love these racing games. Mega thanks to the developers for supporting c64

  2. Seems like a rather pretentious game. Looks good, sounds great but doesn't even look fun. They might as well have changed the cars to ping pong balls, that's what the mechanics look like.


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