Pinball Dreams 2 - Tukinem is working on a Blitz 2 port of Pinball Dreams 2 for the Amiga

Either you're at home or out and about with a laptop, the best thing about Pinball is anyone can pick up and play. From very young Children to grown Adults, Pinball has always been such a joy to play by so many people, and it brings us back to the days of Pinball machines at the Arcades (which is becoming very rare in the UK). Well here's a treat for anyone that has a Commodore Amiga and loves Pinball, as we have just found out through Saberman, that Tukinem is working on a Blitz 2 port of Pinball Dreams 2.

Although Pinball Dreams 2 was released in 1994 by 21st Century Entertainment, as an alternate PC sequel, unlike the Amiga version of Pinball Dreams which was developed by Digital Illusions however, Pinball dreams 2 was developed by Spidersoft. It included four tables: Neptune, themed to underwater exploration, Safari, themed to an African safari, Revenge of the Robot Warriors, themed to a battle against robots and Stall turn, themed to aerobatics. 

Game Development :

  • At the moment there is music, the graphics are in DualPlayfield (2x16 colors). Bitmaps are 320x512 pixels scrolled vertically. The physics of the game is as such, constantly improved or constantly broken by me anew. I think that someday I'll get to the point that it will be playable, but it takes a lot of time and combining.
  • A1200 with 8MB Fast Ram required
Links 1) Forum 2) Download - Right Click/Save Link As (Alpha)


  1. Yes! This is awesome news, love pinball on the amiga and was disappointed that this didn't come to the amiga. Great work, keep going!

  2. 1200 8mb ??? Looks like Atari ST game

  3. Pinball enthusiasts may be pleased and excited for this upcoming port. My opionion: uninteresting and unnecessary. There are already plenty of nice pinball games have been released for the Amiga: Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions, Pinball Mania, Obsession, Slam Tilt and of course Pinball Wizard, the mother of all Amiga Pinball games. IMHO the port of PD2 might get lost in the shuffle of good precursors. Anyway, respect to Tukinem for his skills and efforts.

  4. The more games we get for the Amiga, the more fun! Thanks for your efforts, looking forward to playing the final version :)

  5. It actually runs on an A500 but no graphics. Sound is ok.


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