Devil's Temple - Amiga OCS/AGA Kung Fu spin off is 50% off and all Geezer Games boxes are available again for pre-order!

Another Amiga news story for you all as if you've been following our recent updates regarding Graeme Cowie, Ten Shu and DJ Metune's latest Amiga game of Devil's Temple - Son of the Kung-Fu Master, which is an unofficial spin off game from the 1980's classic game 'Kung Fu'. Then you'll be pleased to learn, that not only is the digital download version selling for £7.00 which is 50% off over Christmas, but we've also been told that Geezer Games boxed editions of Devil's Temple, Turbo Sprint, Rygar and Bomb Jack Beer Edition are available again for pre-order with shipping expected Feb/Mar 2023.

Devils Temple :

Set in 1987 you'll fight your way to the Devil's Temple to rescue Lena who's been taken and held hostage by X in revenge for his defeat to your father 3 years ago. The game features brilliantly designed stages with intense arcade Kung Fu action based on the classic Irem games of Kung Fu Master and Vigilante, over 500 frames of animation which have been packed into the game, many different enemy types and bosses to fight, weapon pickups and Easter eggs, full 50 frames per second action and all of this working on a A500 with 0.5mb slow ram (Minimum Configuration) or A1200 and above with enhanced graphics with the AGA chipset. 

Link 1) Digital Download 2) Boxed Edition

Bomb Jack Beer Edition

This is Bomb Jack, a classic Arcade game from 1984 which required you the hero to collect all the red bombs on the screen to save historic places of interest while also avoiding deadly enemies such as birds and mummies! While the game did appear on the Amiga, the Bomb Jack Beer Edition is one of the best unofficial versions of the game, and even more so than many of the other official ports released back in the day.

Links :1) Digital Download 2) Boxed Edition

Turbo Sprint

Super Sprint was an incredibly enjoyable game that featured non stop racing fun as you tried to beat your opponents to the finish line while also avoiding the odd appearing Tornado. In terms of Turbo Sprint however which has all of the core gameplay kept intact, this version was built from the ground up for the fans of the original Arcade game, featuring improved sound, CD32 support, optimizations, and much much more that is sure to excite many Super Sprint and Amiga fans across the globe.

Links 1:) Digital Download 2) Boxed Edition

Rygar AGA

From the coder of Bomb Jack Beer Edition comes Rygar. A fan made game brought to you in 2019 exclusively for the Commodore Amiga AGA Series (A1200/A4000/CD32) Take on your role again as the Legendary Warrior and battle through 30 rounds of insane arcade action as you face the deadly monsters of Argool. Featuring all of the enemies, collectables, power-ups and the famous disk armor that made the original game a hit, this enhanced version includes new rounds and challenges that will truly push your gaming skills to their very limits.

Links :1) Digital Download 2) Boxed Edition

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  1. The quality of these games is astounding. Thank you for giving the Amiga community more good times!


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