Santa's Fall - Another festive game has appeared on the C64

You can just tell it's nearly Christmas with all these lovely festive games being released, and one game which caught our eye was the latest release from !NG73 and Fredrik Bengttsson called  'Santa's Fall'. Yes indeed another Christmas Amiga game has appeared and unlike the previous ones, this one is an Arcade game which puts you in control of Santa that has to collect all the presents that have been scattered down the side of a mountain. 

Here is what the NFO says about this lovely little Christmas game for the C64. On his flight to deliver Christmas presents, Santa lost control of his sleigh and crashed down a mountain. Help him recover all the presents. Collect small and large ones for more points and try to avoid crashing into Trees! The game can be controlled by a joystick in port 2, with acceleration being either up or down.

Links :1) Source 2) Download 


  1. Beauty videogame for remembrance of ols x'mas !

  2. Why is it that all Santa games are extremely hard, and lacks of any fun? You have to pay close attention to those tiny triangles and strictly control your speed to avoid them. Would that really be fun?


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