TURBO THE TORTOISE 30th Anniversary Edition for the ZX Spectrum

Even more speccy goodness for you all to finish the week! As we've recently been informed through Planet Sinclair and via Saberman, that Jarrod Bentley has released the 30th Anniversary Edition of the classic game of 'TURBO THE TORTOISE'. A new version of the game by one of the original developers, which features graphics and a new loading screen modeled after the original cassette cover. In light of this news, Saberman has also done a video showing the graphical changes.

Here is what the wikipedia says about the game from 1992 "Turbo is a pet tortoise of a scientist named Dr. Mulliner, which one day hibernates inside his "Matter doesn't Matter" chamber. Dr. Mulliner and his assistant Beckett, unaware of this fact, decide to start the generators to make way for his latest experiment on cybernetic technology. While the experiment itself is a disaster and part of the equipment is damaged due to the presence of the tortoise on the chamber, this grants Turbo "Super Tortoise Powers". Since the experiment cannot be restarted due to lack of supplies, Dr. Mulliner assigns Turbo the task of finding and retrieving the six vital components for his experiment which are scattered in six different time periods"

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  1. With a huge thankyou to gOOdbOy, there are a couple additions to the Turbo The Tortoise 30th Anniversary zip file. A TRD file where you can choose to play the vanilla version, or modded...

    Not only that but a single load 128k version...seeing that is believing!


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  3. buggered the link, this should work - Thanks again to gOOdbOy and tiboh



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