Nico's Run - A high quality C64 game based on the Chrome Easter Egg Game T-Rex!

If you don't like endless runner games look away now! If however you want to play one of the best endless runner games we've seen for some time, then take a look at Nico's Run by OldSkoolCoder; A brand new C64 game which is based on the Chrome Easter Egg Game T-Rex! In light of this news, if you want to see if the game's worth playing, both Per Ola and Saberman have done a video showing the game play for Nico's Run. A game which has been entered into the Phaze101's Retro Programmers Inside Group (RPI) Game Jam.

The original game as an Easter Egg in Chrome was actually a mini game featuring a T-Rex dinosaur, that's only accessible when you're disconnected from the internet. This game however which has its roots based around the endless run of a Chrome game, doesn't just feature obstacles as mentioned above, but also the game is themed around the creators two Dogs "Nico" and "Aston". As in her/his words "Nico was not well at the time this Game Jam was running, and my viewers and I did not want to replicate the game, we wanted to use the essence of the game and create a new game, so its about Nico trying to run away from his brother Aston, as Aston would not leave him alone while he was unwell."

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  1. It's cute, but lets reserve "high quality" for productions such as Sam's Journey and Eye of the Beholder.

    1. Yeh but those are in a completely different league :D - It's still a high quality game as an endless runner!


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