SMELLY CAT - Play as a stinky and flea-ridden cat in this new ZX Spectrum game from Flopping

The first ZX Spectrum game of 2023 on Indie Retro News, as we've recently found out through the itch io website , that you can now play Fopping's latest ZX Spectrum game of 'Smelly Cat'; A game in which you play as a stinky and flea-ridden cat, who has to collect fish bones to be able to pass the screen. To coincide with this latest speccy news, Saberman has also done a gameplay video for you watch of the demo which was made available last year.

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Here is what the creator says about his/her new game of 'Smelly Cat' in brief: "This new game is about a stinky and flea-ridden cat, who has to collect fish bones to be able to pass the screen. The cat also has as a small weapon, which is able to launch his plague against the enemies which immobilizes them for a few seconds. The rest of things in the game, is better that you discover it little by little and hopefully any donations will help devote time to the creation of more games in the future". 

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  1. Bit weird. The first video has the actual Smelly Cat song from Friends in ZX Speccy form playing and it's quite jaunty and goes well with the game. The new video has a completely different tune which is a little too crazy and energetic for the game in my opinion. But aye, still a decent lil Speccy game for sure.

    1. Hi, Pedro Pimenta here - what happened is that I did a version of Smelly Cat from Friends that was supposed to be used during gameplay, but the game's author then asked somebody else to make a new song without telling me and then used my song on the menu. I don't think the new song fits the game at all, but nothing I can do at this point...

  2. Hello Pedro Pimienta, pleasure to greet you! Most people think you've done a great job with all the tracks in this game. I even read a review in CRASH Micro Action magazine: "Graphics are simple but do job while sound consists of AY music during gameplay, which is fantastic as the main man Pedro Pimienta is on duty again.", Greetings! (the composer of the gameplay soundtrack)


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