Synthia 2 - Revenge of the ID - A new C64 game released via Reset64 magazine #15

When it comes to SEUCK developed games they are usually side scrolling action titles, or in the case of most of our write ups.....Shoot em ups. Thankfully 'Synthia 2 - Revenge of the ID' developed for the latest Reset64 magazine is a bit of a rare breed, as not only was it developed using a mutilated SEUCK code, but instead of the usual type of game, this one is an enhanced game reprogrammed for platform puzzle mechanics. In light of this news, we have a video from Saberman of the gameplay contained within Synthia 2.

Here is what the creator says about the game back in July 2022 prior to todays release "Synthia II - Revenge of the ID" will be a sequel to my last SEUCK compo game from 2020, and like that game will be extensively reprogrammed for platform puzzle mechanics, and with a couple of new tricks I picked up while randomly mutilating SEUCK's code. Hopefully it will also have some exclusive music from a musician friend of mine, now branching out into chiptune music for the first time". So yes if you want to play a unique SEUCK game, make sure to check it out via our good friends Reset64 Magazine!

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  1. Thank you so much for covering my game. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much. :) I was eager to improve on the first offering (especially the iffy platform collision, and I've never liked SEUCK's stiff directional animation), so I'm really happy to know the effort is appreciated. x


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