1978 strategy game Super Star Trek reimagined with Star Trek 25th Anniversary!

It's been some time since we've actually featured a PC remake of a classic space game, so to change all that, here's a rather special heads up for you all it's Super Star Trek 25th Anniversary. As in the words of the creator "This free fan game is a remake/conversion of the 1978 strategy game Super Star Trek reimagined with the UI of one of my favorite games ever: Star Trek 25th Anniversary". In light of this news you can view the latest screenshots below and a brief description of the game provided by Emabolo.

"Being a massive fan of the 1992 Interplay adventure Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, at some point, I had an idea: why not merge the graphics of the Interplay adventure with the mechanics of the 1978 strategy game? The result is Super Star Trek but played on the Enterprise's bridge. In short, you will be playing the strategy game on the main screen of the Enterprise, but you will issue commands by interacting with Sulu, Chekov, Spock, Scott, and Uhura. Additionally, I added original voices from the TV series and  an animated bridge to make things even more nostalgic ".

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  1. Thanks for the article! If you found bugs or have suggestions about how to improve it, they are welcome :)

    1. I absolutely love this game. Read your blog where you hinted you might be looking at implementing a story mode. That would be ultra cool.

  2. Thank you for this!!! Still play Super Star Trek but this is a LOGICAL improvement.🖖

  3. looking forward to trying this out, thanks very much


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