MEGA Manic Mulholland - A revamp/update of Sloanysoft's game for the ZX Spectrum

If you're looking for a new(ish) game to play over the weekend, then we have just been told by Saberman, that the previously released ZX Spectrum game of ' Manic Mulholland' by Sloanysoft, has been revamp/updated by the same developer and called MEGA Manic Mulholland. In light of this although Saberman was kind enough to do a video of the game, below you can find some of the changes that are included within the game itself.

Here is what Sloanysoft says about their latest ZX Spectrum game of MEGA Manic Mulholland : "We have reworked all the original levels & added a whole bunch more . We've also added more baddies, music, fx and a funky loading screen. The scoring system has been overhauled too so that it rewards those who reach the later levels without losing too many lives. So it's time to strap back in & guide sleepy Pete Mulholland through his nightmare & wake him in time to complete that history assignment".

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