Seawolf II - A competitive ship destroying Arcade game released for the Commodore 64 (See Description)

While I was just about head out to get some much needed food, I was just given the heads up by our good friend Liqmatrix & Saberman, that Oziphantom have published a new game for the Commodore 64 called 'Seawolf II'; a new port of the 1978 arcade game Seawolf which is available to download below. To coincide with this news, not only has Saberman also done a video of the game in action, but there's a more detailed description of this release by Oziphantom further down the article.

"Seawolf is a very early game, released by Commodore in 1982. I wouldn't call it a shoot’em’up but more of a competitive game. It is actually a port of the 1978 arcade game Seawolf II, Seawolf I is a monochrome game from 1976. There is nothing wrong with the gameplay, and being a 1982 you can't say much about it being simple (it even was the first game to do background colour rastersplits across the border and screen) Seawolf II keeps the same great gameplay. It keeps the C64 vibe with retaining some of the ships and subs, while adding more elements from the arcade and some completely new ones for the 1 player mode which isn't in the arcade".

So what is added/changed?

  • Ugly sprite clipping in the borders replaced with smooth scroll
  • Music by  nm156
  • Graphics by. nm156
  • Animated waves like in the arcade
  • Joystick/paddle selection
  • Removed flicker for software sprites
  • Added 3 more ships from the arcade (C64 original had just 3)
  • Changed torpedoes to resemble those of the arcade (as far as technical limitations allowed...)
  • Updated sound effects
  • Added score display for ships 
  • Player scores and highscore now have the color of the respective player
  • Proper graphics like the cruiser, PT boat and player subs were kept, the buoys or whatever they were, replaced and added sea mines from the arcade (though in the same size as the buoys to keep the C64 gameplay... the sea-mines in the arcade were tiny)
  • Animated the ships a bit (arcade has them static)
  • Retrospective ambient soundscape added
  • Finally a 1 player version for training or you don't have someone else to play against
  • and some other stuff

Links :1) Source  2) Download


  1. This is really fun. The controls and pace of the game is perfect.


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