Arno Dash - Welcome to Boulder Dash with 500 new levels for the Amstrad CPC

We've featured Boulder Dash already this week, as it was only just recently that we were informed by Saberman, that pmeier had released the port of Boulder Dash 2 Rockford's Revenge over to the Amstrad CPC, which was originally released on the Atari 8bit, C64, MSX, MS-DOS and ZX Spectrum. Well if you're looking for even more Boulder Dash goodness. We have also been told that he has now released Arno Dash: As in his words "After enhancing the Boulder Dash engine to support BD2 and BD4 features, I have now ported Arno Dash for the Amstrad CPC!"

CPC Game Reviews had this to say about Arno Dash "Fans of the classic game Boulder Dash should love Arno Dash. Peter Meier has previously released several modified versions of the Amstrad CPC version of Boulder Dash, but this latest offering consists of 500 new levels! That should keep any Boulder Dash fanatic busy for a long time. All of the levels were designed by Arno Weber, who released his own modified versions of Boulder Dash for the Commodore 64, which you can download from his fan site. Amstrad CPC users can download Arno Dash from NVG".

Links :1) Source  2) Download

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