SOH Tactics GX - A new Puzzle Strategy game appears for the Amstrad CPC Plus and GX4000

Another Amstrad game has appeared in our inbox, as XeNoMoRPH was kind enough to let us know earlier today, that if you're looking for a one to two player turn based strategy game with enemy units fighting it out on screen, it might be worth checking out the SOHDE team's new Amstrad CPC Plus and GX4000 game of 'SOH Tactics GX'. To coincide with this new game update, Xenomorph has also done a video below showing the game in action.

While a full description of the game including how to play are provided in the downloadable file, in short this is what each mission entails : "A mission takes place on a board like the one shown, with a HUD below displaying information and mission updates. Play proceeds in turns. Turns are taken sequentially  with Player 1 taking the first turn, Player 2 the second, followed by each enemy. The  current turn is displayed in the HUD. Players or enemies who have been eliminated do not take a turn. A mission is won once all enemies have been eliminated, or lost when the  player (or both players in the case of a two player game) is killed".

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  1. Just a quick update on this post: The creator of SOH Tactics has just launched a physical version of the game, as well as BEARS!, both housed in awesome-looking cases for the cartridges.


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