Tiger-Heli - Taito's vertically scrolling shooter is coming to the Amiga. Early footage shown! (Demo Added)

If you're looking for even more Amiga goodness, then you've come to the right place. As thanks to our good friend Amiga Bill who streams top quality Amiga games through Twitch, we've been told that AcidBottle is working on an Amiga port of the classic Arcade game of 'Tiger-Heli'. A game that was originally released back in 1985 in the Arcades and then ported over to the NES and Playstation. To coincide with this cool news story, we have some early footage of the game which is being created using Earok's Scorpion Engine.

Here is what the Wikipedia says about the game from back in the day "Tiger-Heli is a vertically scrolling shooter game developed by Toaplan and released for arcades in 1985. It was published in Japan by Taito and in North America by Romstar. Controlling the titular attack helicopter, the player must fight endless waves of military vehicles while avoiding collision with their projectiles and other obstacles. The Tiger-Heli has a powerful bomb at its disposal that can clear the screen of enemies when fired. It was the first shoot 'em up game from Toaplan, and their third video game overall".

Links :1) Demo 2) Github


  1. Tiger-Heli, oh wow! Just seeing the screenshot replays the theme song burned on my mind. The first console game that I ever played...On a cheap brazillian knock-off of the NES called the "Turbogame". The first computer game was before that, a Golden Axe port gloriously rasterized on a green monochrome monitor. How magical is the first random bit of software to hit us...A thing of love, no matter how its programming might have been mangled on an innapropriate system!


    Now look what you have did...- grabs a soup and washes his mouth - it is all your fault.

  3. My favorite arcade! So challenging but relaxing as well.

  4. Acidbottle bringing gems to the Amiga <3

  5. Love this game on Nes or Arcade. I would love to play this full version on AMIGA !


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