DUNGEON of the SILVER STAR - Explore dangerous dungeons in this new Amstrad CPC game

The weather is distinctly grim outside with snow on the way, but to cheer us all up with a new retro game to play, here's Vynz-Prog's Amstrad CPC game of 'Dungeon of the Silver Star'; A new game in which you have to traverse through 12 dangerous dungeons collecting loot, while also finding keys to open the way to the next level. To coincide with yet another new Amstrad game news story, both Saberman and Xenomorph have done a video of the game in action.

Here is what the creator says about his new game "This game is in pure Basic, for Amstrad CPC. I put all my heart into making it. It mixes reflection and adventure, has 12 levels. It is not completely linear. The result of each action you perform in a level is retained if you return to it. Move forward carefully, each step is counted. One wrong move can end your adventure. With a little practice, you can approach the game in different ways, depending on whether you just want to finish the game or get rich at the same time. Don't be put off at the first fails: perseverance and foresight will help you succeed in this challenging game. Good luck!".

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  1. I've played it for several hours already. It's a very nice puzzle game! Some way of saving (for example using a snaphot in an emulator) is recommended, because some of the levels are quite tricky.

  2. Hi, thanks for playing! You're right about recommending saves states for players who would have too much difficulty or frustration. I uploaded a new version with the option to reload the dungeon without quitting the program and without having to see the title screen or the introductory text (same link) : https://vynz-prog.itch.io/dungeon-of-the-silver-star

    Have a good game!
    Retro VynZ


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