Lemmings - This classic game that so many love, could be coming to the Plus/4!

Lemmings was a game published by Psygnosis way back in the early 90's for the Amiga, Atari ST and PC and regarded by many as one of the greatest games ever, especially as it featured many blue, green haired Lemmings that could be blown up, ripped apart and dropped from the highest of points before they even hope to reach that exit. So why is that great game getting another mention on IRN? Well if you have a Commodore Plus/4 then perhaps at some point in near the future you could be playing Lemmings at home!

While a much bigger feature was done by GTW of the game when it was first mentioned back in September 3, 2021 as a cancelled game. Noting it was shown at the 4ever03 party in Szeged on a projector screen, and then forgotten about once more. From what we can tell by the latest update by Plus/4 World however, is this game may finally see the light of day (although there is still a chance it may be just a big joke) - Here is what was said via Facebook " Due to our speechless state, we're gonna say few words only ­čś▒ The game already developed by Sasv├íri Tam├ís with graphics by Csaba Unreal Kemeri. The same game which we had the luck to see on big screen presented by his author during the 4Ever party held in Szeged. The same same game tagged as "impossible to be completed due memory usage's issues". NOW. PREVIEW. MUSIC BY CSABO. APRIL 1ST. Mike Dailly April 1st: to Fish or not to Fish?"

And that's all there is to say at the moment, so watch this space!


  1. Interesting seeing more games made for what was used more as an office computer with no compatibility with c64 software. It's suprisingly good visually. Something I really didn't expect.

  2. Amazing, especially that there are no sprites on that HW

  3. The author also commented, that he solved the memory size problem by using character mode instead of bitmap mode.


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