Hop To The Top - A new Easter game coded in AMOS for the Commodore Amiga

The games just keep on coming and more so Amiga ones, as Per-Ola Eriksson has contacted us about a rather lovely looking game called Hop To The Top that has been released for the Commodore Amiga by RobSmithDev. Developed in AMOS with the full coding shown via the Youtube video below, you play as a cute little bunny that must jump and eat many easter egg you can. The higher your bunny jumps, the higher your score. In light of this news, Per Ola Eriksson has also shown the game being played in his video provided.

Here is what the creator says about his latest game for Easter. " It's coming to the time of year for eating lots of chocolate eggs, so I thought, let's make a game. I wanted this to be a platform game about rabbits and chocolate eggs, and controlled by a joystick or keyboard. I couldn't think of a title either, but with the help of ChatGPT, Hop to the Top was created! Slightly creaky voice, but then it is the time of year for colds and flus!

This tutorial and game covers the following:

  •  Double Buffering / Screen Swap
  •  Tile-Based Game Engine
  •  Smooth Vertical Scrolling
  •  Sprite Animation including AMAL (Amos Animation Language)
  •  Joystick and Keyboard Input
  •  Background Rainbow Effects (COPPER)
  •  Sound Samples
  •  Game Music


  1. Very fun game, one of the best Amos games I've seen.

  2. Next stop: Scuba bunny!

  3. Some of that background foliage remind me strongly of that Lemmings Jump 'n Run or possibly a Rayman game.

  4. Inspired by Boogaboo The Flea on Spectrum\C64


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